The Life Lessons

$1,128.00 $560.00

 Theory and Practice Classes with Richard Unger, hosted by Master Hand Analyst Jena Griffiths

10 classes focusing on the ten main life lessons.
Plus 14 bonus classes:
Bonus 1. Understanding “Delicious dilemmas” in hands
Bonus 2. “Gina Rehabilitation” (how to recover your passion)
Bonus 3. Twelve advanced threading classes learning how to combine lie lesson themes (fingerprints) with line formations.
Bonus 4. Additional coaches notes from Richard on schools as a lesson

24 classes in total – 36 hours of training
24 classes in total:
10 Theory Calls related to the life lessons
plus 12 practice/Advanced Threading Calls to reinforce the theory and answer queries
plus a call on Delicious Dilemmas (how to get to the core of a reading by identifying inner conflict)
plus a call on passions rehabilitation
Plus additional coaching notes on schools as the lesson


Every week over a six year period, Master Hand Analyst Jena Griffiths interviewed Richard Unger, the teacher of all other professional hand analysis teachers and author of LifePrints: deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints for students all around the world.

Get 10 classes on the Life Lessons + 14 more classes

Additional classes include:
12 practice classes combining the life lesson themes with line formations and hand shape
and two bonus theory classes – Delicious Dilemmas (finding the key to each hand by identifying inner conflict.)
and “Gina Reb” (passions rehabilitation – how to get back in touch with your passions).
24 classes in total – 36 hours of in depth training.

Left Jupiter Life Lesson – Topic call

Right Jupiter Lesson

Left Saturn Lesson

Right Saturn Lesson

Left Apollo Lesson

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Right Apollo Lesson

Left Mercury Lesson


Right Mercury Lesson

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Left Thumb Lesson

Right Thumb Lesson

School as the Lesson

Plus bonus coaches notes from Richard on schools as a lesson