Soul Psychology

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Life Purpose Activation
This series focuses on soul psychology, how to unlock one’s purpose using the 4 stages of activation and numerous soul tracking techniques. Scroll down for more information.

24 classes
36 hours of theory and practical threading classes combining markers and fingerprints



The material covered in this series is usually only covered in second or third year advanced yearlong courses and also extends beyond what is taught in class. We explore how the 4 Tasks of Psyche relates to hands, the 3 axioms of soul psychology and how the desire system (heart lines) can be used to fine tune soul psychology. This series contains 4 additional topics that are not specifically soul psychology: hand color and transmutation, famous hands, and two calls on building a successful hand analysis practice.
What you get:
13 theory classes (1hr 30 each)
11 practical classes (Learn how to effectively combine fingerprints (soul psychology) with line formations (Personality) to sharpen your skills through 17 hours of practice with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths.
24 classes in total. (36 hrs)