Learn how to analyze hands professionally – in person


Join us in Switzerland next July for a brand new 5 day Pro course with Jena.
We cover similar material to the 3 day intensive pro course but allow more time and space to explore our own hands more thoroughly, enjoy nature, good food, laughter and good company while also learning about other complimentary modalities that Jena finds useful in her own practice.

  • Soul Psychology – Decode Life Purpose and Life Lesson from Fingerprints
  • Personality Psychology – Understanding Hand Shape
  • Understanding to Line Formations
  • Time to explore your own hands more thoroughly with Jena

Price includes 4 nights accommodation and all meals from Monday Welcome lunch when we start to Friday Farewell lunch when we end.

In total +30 hours training

Tuition plus accommodation and meals: $2465

Early bird until 31 May 2019:  $2200


 Located in the country for deep forest walks and regeneration while you learn how to use the wisdom of hands to empower yourself and others.
July 1 – 5 Mon -Fri includes 4 nights full board including delicious meals in the Alter Steinshof seminar house in Sternenberg.
Starts at noon on Monday 1 July, finishes Friday noon, 5 July.

Day 1
Starts with lunch so we can get to know each other informally.

Monday 1400- 1800 (4hrs)
Understanding the 2 maps in our hands and how they interact.
Personality psychology versus soul psychology – mapping the energy body in our fingerprints
Introduction to the Developmental stages we all go through
How family systems impact on the developmental stages
Introduction to fingerprints
Identifying the different types of fingerprints

Practice making hand prints
We make your prints and you learn tips about the art of perfect print making.

Day 2
Identifying the 4 schools
Lunch break
Decoding life purpose and life lesson from fingerprints

Evening: practice session

Day 3
9-12 noon
Introduction to Hand shape types
Lunch break
Identifying 7 key behavioral types
Introduction to more advanced shapes and practice.

Day 4
9-12 noon (3hrs)
Key Line formations
Identifying strengths and habitual thinking patterns
Lunch break
14-18.00 (4 hrs)
More key line formations.
Introduction to combining fingerprints with hand shape and line formations.

Day 5
8-12.00 (4 hrs)
Putting it all together
Exercises combining life purpose with the support of personality markers.

Friday Farewell Lunch

Evenings are for going over and integrating what you learned during the day.
There will also be time allotted to discuss your own hands with Jena and also explore other complimentary modalities.

Price includes all training material, plus 4 night accommodation and all meals and refreshments from the Welcome Lunch on Monday to the Farewell Lunch on Friday.
Plus 2 follow on group supervision sessions online to ask further questions.

In total +30 hours training

Tuition plus accommodation and meals: $2465


Please note:
Single room accommodation is on a first come first served basis.

Contact us via email for further queries: support @ handanalysisonline.com