Heart & Spiritual Journey Markers

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18 Classes With Richard Unger

We cover all the Challenge Indicators.

Learn how to discuss the positive side and opportunity for growth in some of the severe challenge indicators.



Tuesdays with Richard Unger series: 9 series and 18 classes on Heart and Spiritual Journey Markers.

Two one and a half hour classes per series with comprehensive reference notes on each marker written by Richard Unger.

The first call of each series covers each marker in detail, the second call explores hand prints and how to combine these challenge markers with whatever else shows up.

These were all the markers covered during each series:

Series 1 – Others’ needs vs my own: Desire Pollution, Burden of Expectation, Selfishness Point.

Series 2 – Emotional Confrontation Avoidance: D Fork, Co-Dependency, The Ladder, Grand Gesture.

Series 3 – Living In Disguise Markers: Clark Kent, Gina in Donna Clothes, Sand Bagger, Nice Garden Syndrome, Short Upper Apollo, Water Cooler Psychiatrist.

Series 4 – Dark Side Markers: Star of Tears, other Saturn Ring, Neptune Frown, Girdle Frown, Zindler Frown, Lover’s Frown, Abyss Line, Jacob’s Ladder.

Series 5 – Compensatory attraction: Mate Selection Indicators.

Series 6 Attack Lines and opportunity for growth.

Series 7 – Dangling XXX’s, Diamonds and Boxes.

Series 8 – Love at First Sight, Sisyphus, Pyramus-Thisbe.

Series 9 – Beyond my ability to cope markers: Jacob’s Ladder and Reverse Jacob’s Ladder, String of Lights.