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Over 360 hours of invaluable training. Fully searchable as a reference library.

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The essential reference library for professional hand analysts

Get a fully indexed, searchable library. Find the information you need instantly, whenever you need it. Plus an opportunity to learn directly from the teacher of all other certified hand analysis teachers.

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Master hand analyst, Jena Griffiths, hosts Richard Unger in Earth School in a series of classes called “Tuesdays with Richard”

Over period of 6 years, Jena Griffiths grilled Richard Unger on a different topic each week, in order to clarify the precise meanings and differences between markers in the hand analysis data base.  Get access to all the videos and audio recordings, plus reference documents and hand print documents. Whether you are a master hand analyst or just starting out in your career, these classes are invaluable. They provide essential hand analysis knowledge in an easily accessible format.
240 classes – over 360 hours of invaluable training

The following series are included:

To read more about each series go here
The Gift Markers – 24 classes
12 Theory and 12 Practical threading classes

The Life Purposes – 24 classes
12 Theory and 12 Practical threading classes

The Life Lessons – 24 classes
12 Theory and 12 Practical threading classes

Advanced Hand Shapes – 56 Classes

Heart & Spiritual Journey Markers – 18 classes
9 Theory and 9 practical Classes

Soul tracking Classes – 12 Classes

Line Formation classes
 – 12 classes

Query and practice threading classes
10 practical classes

Problem Orientated Topics – 27 classes
15 Theory and 12 Practical threading classes

Soul Psychology – 24 classes
12 Theory and 12 Practical threading classes

Client Communication Classes – 8 classes

Whenever you are unsure of a marker or want deeper insight, or tips on
how to talk to clients about anything in particular, quickly find the
information you need with instant access to a fully searchable
online reference library.

This video takes you on a 24 minute tour